One-On-One Health Coaching

Level 1: Build Your STEM

Reduce weight and prevent diabetes without medication with one-on-one customized sessions, four one-on-one coaching calls per month.

Price: $400/month (4 sessions)

S = Sleep Restore
T = Toxin Release
E = Eat to Heal
M = Move Joyfully
Reduce Weight
Prevent Diabetes without Medications
Quick Support for Acute Issues
Weekly Group Calls focusing on weight, diabetes
Weekly Group Calls focusing on fatigue, stress
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Level 2: GERM Health

Building on STEM concepts with a focus on digestive health and one-on-one customized sessions.

Price: $350/month for 3 months

G = Gut Health
E = Emotional Freedom
R = Relationship Rich
M = Money Confidence
Build on STEM Concepts
Focus on Digestive Health
Build Habits and Consistency
Clear Understanding on Diabetes, Digestive Disorders, Unwanted Weight, and Fatty Liver
Create Own Meal Plans without Compromising on Taste and Family Gatherings
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Level 3: Build TIME

Go beyond basic habits with one-on-one customized sessions. Focus on thought nourishment, influence at home and work, a healthier money mindset, and abundant energy.

Price: $225/month for 6 months

T = Thoughts that Nourish
I = Influence at home and work
M = Money Mindset
E = Energy Abundance
Bring Back Abundance of Time
Nourish your Microbiome
Become Influential
Learn Your Energetics
Encompasses All Programs
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Monthly Membership Subscription


Begin your journey to the Source with more confidence and build consistency and relationships to anchor you in your healing without distractions and attend the weekly calls on topics that range from unhealthy weight, fatigue/energy, diabetes, digestion and stress/trauma.


Weekly group calls on various health topics; annual $150 (you get 2 months for free), Monthly ($15 a month)


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