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What is Source Parent Health?

Why should a parent or teacher prioritize their health? Because you have to lead the children to be prepared for the future. Would you like to be led by an instructor who is tired, suffering with chronic health issues, unmotivated, running low on abundance of time and money? No, right? When you are the pilot of a long haul flight, you’d better be equipped with lots of energy, be active, intuitive, have the resources and knowledge to resolve minor ailments quickly without having to spend hours at the clinic and hospital to get half baked solutions of medications that generally lead to more side effects and simply mask the symptoms. Additionally, medications have never resolved the disease. Every diabetic on medication is just that- continuing on medication. They suffer from kidney issues, weight issues, have to be restricted in what they eat, end up with depression and heart disease and generally are taking medication for not just diabetes but for many other ailments. Source Parent Health is a coaching program that gets you back in the driver’s seat and equips you for freedom from medications. We get to the Source of your energy and motivation and give you back your TIME, sleep and intellect.


Sarah’s journey to the Source:

Sarah started her career as a scientist at Monsanto in 1999 in India. Within 3 years, something inside her feel out of place. She followed her intuition and decided to leave the world of science research and equip herself with the knowledge to be of service to the hospital industry. As a result, she decided to earn her degree in Masters in Health Administration from University of Ottawa in 2006. Following her intuition, she was still not satisfied about the answers for “what makes a person really healthy?” She kept asking herself, “why are so many people sick and why do we have to spend so much time and money running to doctors when the body belongs to each of us?”
Sarah herself had been treated for ulcers by an Indian herbal medicine practitioner and that treatment had taken one year but to this day she has been free of ulcers. However, once in Canada, Sarah started experiencing severe migraines and after almost 8 years of suffering and not being able to work, Sarah decided to take matters in her hand and got herself certified as a holistic health coach in 2012 and also a laughter yoga instructor. Within months, Sarah experienced a balancing of her weight going from size 12 to size 2 in 2 years and getting a really good handle on her migraines without any medications.
In 2011, Sarah set up an organic community garden with the help of 2 other neighbours and a Church pastor. Today that garden is thriving with 45 families gardening to feed their families and teaching children how to access fresh and nourishing food.
Sarah has worked with a school in India to start an organic garden club for students and teachers since 2021 and you can see pictures in the gallery for their progress as well as the farm visits she takes of these school children while visiting India.
Sarah now has a holistic understanding of not only how our body works at a biochemical level but also at the intellectual level and how to access the source of our energy at all levels.


Sarah's Journey With Diabetes

I welcome you to my personal journey blog with ending diabetes but more importantly, my journey of how I managed to clear the army fitness test, lifting 20kg sandbags, having more energy everyday, fasting for over 12 hours for a month and generally living a happier life once I got diagnosed with diabetes and that too without medications even though the doctor kept pushing it on me. In fact, it takes 10 years to develop diabetes and I have lived those years in ignorance even though my body told me that something was wrong, but my medical tests were not enough for doctors to give me a diagnosis so I was at best given pain relief medications. As a doctorate in biochemistry (and being a scientist with Monsanto way back in 1999, I am privy to the research process and my concern is that either research does not make its way to the doctor’s prescription pad or it comes in the form of a pill with a lot of marketing dollars and selfish incentives that really do more harm than good and definitely modern medicine has not helped cure anyone of chronic diseases. As a health coach and a learner of herbal remedies, I am now knowledgeable of the processes that cause chronic diseases and what can really help heal completely without any sophisticated lab equipment and chemicals. I have worked with different parts of the Canadian health system – research, education, acute care hospitals, community health centres and the federal government. These projects provided me with a very broad yet deep understanding of the dynamic nature of how disease prevention, disease management and research could either support or undermine an individual’s health. Why am I doing this? There comes a time in one’s life when we are called to share what we have learnt and that itself is healing to the soul. I am being called to educate, coach and empower parents on their unique abilities and handicaps (or HandyCaps), so that they can take control of their disease naturally and end the use of or significantly reduce their dependence on medications. So, once again, THANK YOU for stopping by here. I would encourage you to download the free ebook on The Prepared TeenAdult that is a fun way to open up our perspective as parents beyond our duty and desire to see our children succeed. .


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